Hermosa Beach city council requires a taxpayers advocate who will focus his efforts on visible, usable, improvements that produce betterment for the residents and guests of Hermosa Beach. Primary goals include street & sewer repair, public park restoration, improved public safety and being business friendly. Tax dollars working to improve the lives of the living by  upgrading city cleanliness, initiate sewer replacement, enhance the green belt, open north school, revitalize Clark field, refurbish the Clark building, rebuilding the fire house, resurface damaged streets, and relieving the homeless from homelessness in Hermosa Beach.

Councilmember Trent will constructively collaborate with city leaders to enable reasonable and deliverable solutions be implemented quickly. Protecting our Hermosa Beach small-town charm with enhanced public space beautification, vigorous defense of local zoning control, and supporting local business while also attracting new businesses.

Trent moved to Hermosa Beach in 2003 with wife Ann and daughter Taylor. Key accomplishments for consideration include tenure within Los Angeles successfully conducting  business services enterprise sales 1986-2019. Hermosa Beach city council candidate November 2015, March 2016 & November 2017. AYSO soccer head coach 2014-2017, Hermosa youth basketball head coach 2010 -2013, and Redondo Beach budget & finance commission 2002.

Trent Bernard Larson



Committee ID# 1419496